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Recommendations on how to quickly overcome cold and flu

Recommendations on how to quickly overcome cold and flu

What are the most common symptoms of a cold? A typical symptom of a cold is, among other things, a cold. If the virus spreads further in the body, symptoms such as sore throat and coughing as well as general nausea, cold-like headaches and body aches can occur.


  • What is a cold?
  • What is flu?
  • What helps with cold and flu? How can this be prevented?
  • FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions


Other symptoms of influenza are:

  • Scratchy throat and slight sore throat
  • Slight chills
  • Feeling exhausted and wanting more sleep
  • print headache
  • sneeze

In the further course, the following symptoms can occur:

  • back pain
  • headache and body aches
  • Sniffles
  • Pressure pains on forehead and face
  • First dry cough, then expectoration of mucus
  • Mild earache
  • Sore throat
  • Feeling of sickness and exhaustion
  • Fever up to 38.5 degrees

Although the common cold is called a "flu-like infection," it is usually unrelated to the real flu (influenza).

What is flu?

The common cold, also known as the flu, is an infectious disease caused by a virus (influenza) that can cause a high fever, severe headache and body aches, and a dry cough. Unlike a cold, the flu usually affects not only the respiratory tract, but the whole body. These symptoms tend to come on quickly and are severe, usually resolving significantly within a week.

Flu symptoms are more pronounced than those of a cold. Typical flu symptoms include:

  • Strong headache
  • muscle and limb pain
  • Dry cough and sore throat
  • Sudden fever
  • weakness
  • sweats
  • Cold [blog-link number="1"]

What helps with cold and flu? How can this be prevented?

Actually, our mucous membrane is convincing with a thin film of secretion, which protects against intruders. A self-cleaning mechanism actually sends intruders outside immediately. But if this is and is disturbed, then viruses and bacteria have an easy time. Here are some tips you can use to protect yourself from cold and flu:

1. High humidity prevents colds

If the mucous membranes remain moist, viruses and bacteria cannot settle so easily. For this you can put a bowl on the heater. Ventilate the rooms well beforehand so that the dry air can escape. Make sure that the water in the bowl is always renewed to prevent bacteria from forming.

2. Adequate rest

The body and the mind need rest. A hectic everyday life leads to stress and this in turn has negative effects on body and soul. Too much hectic and stress can cause cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal problems, headaches and back pain, and a weakening of the immune system .

So that the body can regenerate, it always needs breaks and rest. Walks and sleeping late or a little nap help to recover.

3. A balanced diet

It is important to drink plenty of fluids and eat a varied diet. Fruits and vegetables in particular contain many important nutrients, such as vitamin C, which supports the function of immune cells and the immune system. Two to three liters of fluid a day can keep the mucous membrane moist. Special teas such as ginger, linden blossom or lemon tea are particularly suitable for this. They provide extra vitamin C, stimulate the immune system and thus prevent colds.

It is also important to consume enough zinc in the form of red meat, fish or beans. Zinc deficiency is often the cause of a slow metabolism and a weakened immune system, since the trace element is involved in many organic processes such as cell growth and wound healing. Therefore, consuming more zinc can also prevent colds.

Inadequate nutrition, periods of growth or long periods of stress use up many more vitamins and minerals that the body cannot compensate for through diet. Here you should resort to dietary supplements to fill the stores and to strengthen the immune system, which is weakened by deficiencies.

You can also make sure, for example, that common areas are often disinfected with natural means, wash your hands regularly, drink enough, eat warm, hot drinks and food, increase the indoor humidity, keep your nose wet and using nasal sprays if necessary, keeping hands away from face, and encouraging sweating through exercise and exercise to rid the body of toxins.

Our products below are perfect for replenishing your vitamin and mineral stores and boosting your immune system

Immune Shot Vitamin D3, C, Zinc

The delicious shot consists of propolis , vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc and provides instant energy. The product can be consumed directly and only needs to be shaken before consumption. Propolis works against fungi, viruses and bacteria and has the same effect in the human body. The high polyphenol content has an anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effect. Vitamin C , also known as ascorbic acid, is not produced by the body itself and must be supplied daily. Vitamin C is a fat-soluble vitamin. Zinc is an important essential mineral. Zinc cannot be produced by yourself either and must be supplied externally via food or dietary supplements. Vitamin D 3 is important for bones and teeth and helps absorb calcium and phosphorus. The vitamin is fat-soluble and is made on the skin with the help of sunlight. One shot covers the entire daily requirement of these vitamins and minerals.

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Vitamin C sachet

One sachet contains 1000mg of vitamin C. The body cannot produce vitamin C itself. In addition, the sachets contain 15 mg vitamin B2 and 10 mg zinc. The product is halal and kosher certified. Vitamin C and zinc ensure the normal functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C reduces tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin B2 contributes to normal energy metabolism, protects the skin and normal vision.

Propolis shot with elderberry + carob for children

The delicious shot with elderberry and carob is the children's favourite. The shot contains vitamins from groups A, E, C and B, magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc and iron along with propolis . The ingredients are strawberry juice, raw honey, elderberry (15%), carob extract (10%), propolis (1%). Super delicious and high quality, it gives energy and vitality and is packed with antioxidants. The valuable ingredients have an antiviral and antibacterial effect and improve the immune system . What is the use of the individual active ingredients in the shot?

Propolis has antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties. It is a powerful and natural antibiotic. The function of propolis in the hive is to protect the hive from invaders and keep it germ-free and hygienic. The Greek Hippocrates used the effects of propolis for various areas of application such as skin and the gastrointestinal tract, or Aristotle used the healing effects of propolis in particular for bruises, skin diseases and purulent wounds.

Elderberry helps to loosen stubborn congestion. Elderberry contains vitamins A, C and the mineral potassium. It helps to fight flu, cold, promotes muscle growth, keeps the cardiovascular system healthy, speeds up metabolism and protects the heart. 

Carob has a long shelf life and is low in cholesterol and fats. It is high in calcium, which is important for bones and teeth. It helps with digestive problems and weight loss.

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EasyFishoil Beta Omega 3 with Beta Glucan 30 pieces

Beta Glucan EasyFishoil is suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 11 and makes an important contribution to supporting the immune system and brain function. It tastes good and is easy to chew and digest without water. The kids love the smell and the taste. The high nutritional content is another plus for choosing this product. It contains the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, vitamin D3, vitamin A and vitamin C and beta glucan. One gel capsule has 600 mg fish oil, 200 IU vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids 270.9 mg DHA and 59.5 mg EPA. EasyFishoil is BRC, NSF and Fried of the Sea certified. Also, it is halal certified and made with patented technology. IFOS regularly carries out analyzes of each produced batch of EasyFishoil.

Multivitamin (30 capsules)

The product contains vitamins B, A, C and D. Coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, olive leaf extract + Panax ginseng, iron, selenium, copper, manganese, vitamin E.

It contains no gluten, BHA, BHT or trans fat and is Kosher and Halal certified.

Advantages of the product:

  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports energy formation
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Helps relieve stress

Zade Vital Multivitamin is suitable for adults and children over 11 years old.

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