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How you can make propolis tasty for your child

How you can make propolis tasty for your child

A healthy and balanced diet plan is important at any age. Children in particular, whose physical and mental development is progressing rapidly, must eat a balanced and healthy diet.

The fact that children eat a balanced and healthy diet influences every aspect of their lives, from their personal happiness to their success at school. However, foods that are healthy for children may not always taste good. As parents know, many children are more interested in unhealthy but tasty ready meals than in healthy foods.

This is a major risk for mothers who want to feed their growing children healthy and natural foods.

Natural foods such as propolis, royal jelly, raw honey, pollen and bee bread made through the collaboration of nature and bees can be a healthy and nutritious natural alternative for your child.

Propolis is used by bees to seal their hives and protect against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

How can you get your child interested in propolis and other bee products, especially if they are very picky about food at a young age? Here are the ways to make propolis popular with kids with the advice of our nutritionists.

How can we make propolis tasty for children?

How can we make propolis tasty for children

How your child perceives the taste or smell of propolis actually depends on the actions you take. In this regard, children are often influenced by their parents.

If you make bad comments about food in front of your child, your child will insist on not consuming that food. Therefore, if you want to make propolis popular with your child, you should give the right guidance.

Proper action would be to explain the health benefits of propolis to your child instead of talking about the taste and smell of propolis and other bee products.

Administer in gradual and small amounts

Administer in gradual and small amounts

When administering propolis for the first time, start incrementally and administer according to the daily consumption amount on the product. The dosage of propolis is different for each product. Therefore, it is important to stick to the daily recommended amount.

You can increase the daily dosage after your child slowly gets used to propolis. On the first day you can, for example, drop 1 drop of the propolis tincture 10% water-soluble into the juice and administer it. The next day you can increase the amount of drops by another 2-3 drops. When your child gets used to the taste of propolis, you can switch to the full recommended dosage.

You can find more information about the daily dosage of our propolis drops under “ PROPOLIS DOSAGE: HOW TO APPLY AND DOSAGE CORRECTLY? article.

A word of advice: propolis is eliminated from the body 12 hours after consumption and leaves no residue. For this reason, we recommend that you split the daily dosage into morning and evening (every 12 hours).

How to use the 10% water soluble propolis extract?

propolis tincture

Propolis extracts made from raw propolis are the most preferred and used than the other propolis products. It is also suitable for children's daily consumption. How should you give propolis drops to children?

Children are more interested in their tastes than in the advantages or disadvantages of foods. Make propolis more delicious for your child by combining propolis with your child's favorite food or drink.

Propolis Extract Tincture Water Soluble %10 is an ideal product for breakfast. You can put it in either milk or juice and then administer it. The taste of propolis is tastier when combined with milk or juice.

10% Water Soluble Propolis Extract can also be consumed with solid foods. For breakfast you can either drizzle it on bread or add it to muesli and eat it. In this way, you can make your child's daily foods more nutritious.

What other propolis products can you administer?

royal jelly

You should never put pressure on your child and be stubborn. There is always another way. If your child does not like propolis drops, you can try other products.

Royal Jelly & Propolis in Honey (for children) and Royal Jelly Bee Pollen Propolis (chewable tablets) are other practical and useful products that you can give instead of propolis drops.

The mixture of royal jelly propolis and raw honey contains all bee products. It supports healthy development with 10-HDA and royalactin components found only in royal jelly.

It is recommended to consume one teaspoon every morning before breakfast. It is also suitable for adults.

The chewable tablet form contains carob as well as bee products. Bee pollen (30%), propolis (18%), royal jelly (12%), cocoa (10%) and carob (30%), making it 100% natural.

Propolis Honey Syrup: This product is an alternative to make propolis more palatable for children. It contains 70% pure orange juice, 20% honey and 5% propolis. Because it's flavored with raw honey, it's far more delicious than other syrups. Your child will not be able to refuse our honey syrup with propolis!

Snack mixes with propolis and honey: pistachios, carob, peanuts and hazelnuts sweetened with raw honey. Awarded international flavors, our snack mixes are ideal for breakfast and snacks. You can either consume it pure or spread it on a piece of bread.

Consume together

Consume together

As previously mentioned, the behavior of children is significantly influenced by the actions of the parents. Children see their parents as role models. If you want to teach your child a healthy eating habit, you must first eat healthily.

Bee & You bee products are 100% natural, pure and healthy food supplements certified by international authorities. Bee & You bee products made with the production model "Beekeeping Contract Model" are suitable for the tastes and needs of children and adults. In order for your children to benefit from these healthy and nutritious bee products, you can be a role model by consuming them together.

While giving your child propolis for breakfast, you should also consume it. By spreading the Royal Jelly & Propolis with Honey on bread for yourself and the Royal Jelly & Propolis with Honey for Children on bread for your child. If you consume it together, you will notice for yourself that over time your child will also like to consume it.

It's important to know what you're consuming: talk about bees and propolis

propolis royal jelly children

If you talk to your child about the effects of propolis, you can be sure that your child will enjoy consuming it. Bees produce propolis to protect themselves and their offspring from germs, bacteria and viruses. Propolis is the protective power of nature.

We have summarized all the information you need on this topic in our article " What is Propolis " . You can find more information about propolis, royal jelly and other bee products on our blog. If you have any questions about our products, you can contact our customer service via our website or on Instagram via DM .