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Propolis for children: what should be the right dosage and application?

Propolis for children: what should be the right dosage and application?

Propolis is a natural bee product. Due to its positive benefits, it is increasingly being included in the daily diet. If you have no experience with propolis, read our content entitled What is propolis and get detailed information about the effects of propolis.


  • What is Propolis: Brief Summary
  • Content and effect of propolis
  • Propolis for children: things worth knowing
  • Propolis products for children: how to use them?


In this content you will find the effects of propolis for children. Is propolis, the protective power of nature, suitable for children? What should be the correct use and daily dosage of propolis for children? What should be considered when administering propolis to small children ?

What is Propolis: Brief Summary

what is propolis

Propolis means "city protection/defence" in Latin. Let's briefly explain what you should know about propolis before using it.

Bees produce propolis to protect themselves and their offspring from germs, bacteria and viruses. Propolis is derived from the leaves, stems and buds of plants, making it a completely natural product.

Bees collect a resinous substance from various plants, trees, and shrubs. This sticky and often dark brown substance protects the flowers, fruits and leaves from foreign objects. This substance, also known as wood resin, is actually the raw material for propolis.

Bees collect these useful substances that they produce and return to the hive and mix them with beeswax. This is how propolis is made.

Bees protect the inside and outside of the hive with propolis.
Propolis not only protects the leaves and fruits of the trees from foreign bodies, but also your food and offspring. Bees cover their eyes with propolis before placing their offspring and nutrients in the honeycomb eyes. In this way, the bees protect themselves from germs, bacteria and viruses.

Being a stable material, it protects the beehive from punctures or cracks that can occur during the cold winter days.

Content and effect of propolis


The source of the protective effect of propolis is its complex and rather rich content. The color of raw propolis is usually between dark brown and black. Propolis is produced in different regions and can also be transparent and green depending on the type of plant.

Its chemical content also varies depending on the region where it is made. Propolis is produced in geographically rich regions and has higher biological activity. The chemical content of propolis however, generally comprises 50% resin, 30% wax, 10% essential oils, 5% pollen and 5% other organic ingredients. Scientists have discovered almost 300 ingredients in the content of propolis, including amino acids, phenolic and flavonoid components, and polyphenols. Phenolic and flavonoid components in propolis are the components that provide antioxidant properties to plants. It is also very important for human health. [blog link number="1"] , [blog link number="2"]

Propolis also contains some vitamins and minerals. It contains valuable substances for human health such as vitamins B1, B2, C and E, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper.

The effect of propolis: the application for the body

Ancient civilizations used propolis to treat various diseases. The Greeks used propolis to treat abscesses, the Assyrians to prevent infection, and the Egyptians to mummify.

According to historical sources, the use of propolis to protect skin health dates back 3000 years. Egyptians, Romans and ancient Greeks used creams made from propolis to care for their skin or treat wounds.

There are currently numerous scientific studies on the effects of propolis, these studies have been published in Science Direct , the Wiley Library , Pubmed and Google Scholar. The vast majority of research is concerned with the effects of propolis on the immune system .

[blog link number="3"], [blog link number="5"], [blog link number="5"]

propolis research

Propolis for children: things worth knowing

[blog-product slug="bee-and-you-royal-jelly-bee-pollen-propolis-chewable"]

The foundation for a healthy and balanced diet is laid in childhood. If you give your child a healthy and balanced eating habit at a young age; this can contribute to its healthy development during the growth phase.

It is very important, especially for children in growth and development phases, to eat pure food that has not been treated with additives. Propolis is a natural bee product like pollen, royal jelly and raw honey. In addition, propolis contains many phenols and flavonoids.

The first thing you should know before adding propolis to your child's daily feeding regimen is whether the propolis product you are purchasing is pure propolis. Unfortunately, many products sold on the market under the Propolis name do not have the original Propolis properties. Consumers need the right information: Which propolis is best for children?

Which propolis is best for children?

Which propolis is best for children

Consumption of propolis among children is a very sensitive issue, so make sure that the product is made properly. As a consumer, you should pay attention to where and how the propolis product you buy is made.

An important note: Many laboratory studies confirm that some propolis products imported from Far Eastern countries do not have real propolis properties. The quality and benefits of these products are very limited.

You should be sufficiently informed about where and under what conditions the propolis is produced. Our propolis products, which you can find on our product page , are made with the assurance of the experienced propolis manufacturer "Bee & You Germany". It is manufactured according to international food safety and quality standards and is 100% natural.

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The production model "Beekeeping Contract Model" makes it clear how and where Bee & You Propolis products are manufactured. The source of healthy propolis, which is safely consumed by numerous children and adults in 15 different countries around the world, is Anatolian geography.

Bee & You propolis products are made in Anatolia. One of the richest regions in the world in terms of plant diversity, therefore the products are made in the most natural form from “beehive to table”. The Bee & You experts monitor each production phase step by step. Consumers are only offered products that meet food safety and quality regulations.

Food safety and quality have been certified by internationally recognized institutions (FDA, IFS, ISO 9001, ISO 2005, Halal, Kosher). There are no additives, preservatives or residues (PA and PAH). Take a closer look at our products to discover an absolutely reliable and high-quality propolis product for children.

Propolis products for children: how to use them?

propolis products

Any form of propolis such as propolis drops, propolis tablets and propolis royal jelly in honey mixture is suitable for daily consumption by children. It is advised to follow the dosage recommendations on the product.

  • 20 drops daily for adults, 10 drops daily for children
  • Propolis tincture 10% water soluble you can drip and consume in your drinks like water, milk, juice, tea, coffee etc.
  • Propolis tincture 20% can be consumed with solid foods such as honey, yoghurt, bread, grape syrup, etc.
  • You can mix and consume 1 teaspoon of propolis-honey mixtures directly or with food such as warm milk or yoghurt.

Propolis tincture

propolis tincture

Our propolis tincture products made from real propolis extract can be a great start for the kids.

There are two types of propolis drops, which differ in the propolis content:

* Propolis Extract Tincture Water Soluble 10%:

Thanks to its award-winning innovation method, the real propolis extract can be completely dissolved in liquid foods. It is also rich in phenolic and flavonoid components. The product is suitable for daily use by children, you can add it to all liquid foods and consume it.

You can also mix it with water, juice, milk or yoghurt and consume it. The daily dosage for children is 10 drops. Depending on your wishes, you can divide this dose into 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening.

The daily dose can be increased up to 4 times during the illness.


10 drops

20 drops

40 drops

80 drops


40 mg

80 mg

160 mg

320 mg

*Propolis extract tincture %20:

propolis extract tincture

It is an intensive formula of propolis extract containing 20% ​​propolis. It can also be consumed with solid foods.

Dosage for children: Children from 4 to 10 years of age are recommended 10 drops, for children from 11 years of age 20 drops are recommended per day.

Propolis honey syrup

A delicious honey syrup for children , with nutritive and protective properties. It contains no additives, preservatives and sweeteners. It consists of 100% natural products.

Propolis honey syrup contains 70% orange juice, 20% blossom honey and 5% propolis.

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Propolis syrup dosage: Recommended daily consumption for children: between 4 and 10 years 5 ml twice a day. When consuming, use the measuring cup in the packaging.

Propolis nasal spray

nasal spray

Propolis nasal spray is a natural support for the nose. The spray is also suitable for children.

Propolis Nasal Spray Dosage: Use 2 spray units twice a day for children aged 4-10 years.
For children from 11 years use 2 spray units 3 times a day.


4 spray units

6 spray units

Per 100ml


20 mg

30 mg


Propolis Throat Spray

throat spray

Propolis Throat Spray provides natural support for the throat area. At the same time it offers fresh breath.

With its 100% content, it is suitable for children's daily consumption. It contains only propolis, water, honey and menthol.


3 spray units

6 spray units

Per 100ml













Propolis Throat Spray Dosage
: It is more effective when propolis has direct contact with the throat. It can be used 3 times a day as 1 For children between 4 and 10 years, 1 spray unit is recommended 3 times a day, from 11 years of age, 2 spray units are recommended 3 times a day.

Royal Jelly & Propolis in Honey for Children

[blog-product slug="bee-and-you-jelly-royal-propolis-in-honey-for-kids"]

Propolis Mixture of propolis and royal jelly is formulated with raw honey, obtained in its most natural form from the beehive. It's a delicious and healthy snack that kids will love for breakfast and between meals.

It contains no additives, preservatives and added sugar. It contains propolis (1%), royal jelly (1.5%) and raw honey (97.5%). It is made by nutritionists according to children's tastes.

Royal Jelly & Propolis in Honey for Children Dosage:

Honey and honey products are unsuitable for children under 1 year old.

Between 1-2 years 1 teaspoon daily

From 2 years 2 teaspoons daily

From 13 years 2 dessert spoons daily

As it is easier for digestion, royal jelly is recommended on an empty stomach. It should be consumed 1 teaspoon every morning on an empty stomach. Depending on your needs, you can also combine it with milk.


raw honey

Royal jelly


% 97.5

% 1.5

% 1

Propolis snack mix


We know kids love the mix of hazelnut, peanut, pistachio and cocoa, especially at breakfast. Our delicious snacks, which are a natural source of energy, are combined with propolis and raw honey. This is how we have created foods for children as they grow up that are both delicious and natural.

Pistachio Snack Mix




roasted chickpeas


% 79

% 15

% 5

% 1

Peanut Snack Mix




roasted chickpeas


% 54

% 45

% 4

% 1

It is not recommended for people allergic to peanuts.

Hazelnut & Cocoa with Milk Snack Mix





milk powder


% 70

% 20

% 5

% 4

% 1

Hazelnut & Cocoa Snack Mix






% 74

% 20

% 5

% 1

Propolis Snack Mix Dosage:

1 teaspoon daily for children over 1 year

2 teaspoons daily for children from 2 years

2 dessert spoons daily for children from 13 years

Either straight or spread on bread

Royal Jelly Bee Pollen Propolis (chewable tablets)

chewable tablets

It is a 100% natural, pure and convenient product where you can find all bee products together. This product contains only propolis, pollen, royal jelly, carob and cocoa. It is also a nutritious food supplement that we recommend for children who do not like the taste of propolis.



bee pollen

Royal Jelly



% 30

% 30

% 12

% 10

% 18

2 tablets daily for children between 4 and 10 years.

Propolis On the GO

on the go

Useful herbs with propolis and raw honey are super convenient healthy snacks that are suitable for everyday use. Both types of Propolis On the GO can be consumed with liquid foods such as fruit juice and milk for breakfast or directly as a snack.

[blog-product slug="bee-and-you-propolis-on-the-go-cider-vinegar-with-cinnamon"]

BEE&YOU Propolis On the Go Turmeric (with Cinnamon): Raw honey (94%), pure propolis (2%), turmeric (2%), ginger (1%), cinnamon (1%) Contains no added sugar, moreover, it has been sweetened with raw honey. It is 100% natural with no additives or preservatives.

BEE&YOU Propolis On the Go apple cider vinegar (with cinnamon): raw honey (84.5%), apple cider vinegar (10%), pure propolis (1.5%), ginger (1.5%), turmeric (1.5%) and cinnamon (1%). In addition, it is a 100% natural and useful snack that you can consume at any time during the day.

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