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Propolis- How is the correct application and dosage?

Propolis- How is the correct application and dosage?

Propolis is a natural bee product that bees obtain by collecting the leaves, stems and buds of various trees and plants. For thousands of years, propolis has been used in traditional treatments for various infections.


  • Propolis products: application and dosage
  • Propolis tincture: dosage and application
  • Propolis spray products: dosage and application
  • Propolis tablets: application and dosage
  • Royal Jelly & Propolis and Raw Honey Blends


For this reason, many studies on the positive effects of propolis have been and are still being carried out.

The role of propolis in the hive is to protect and disinfect the inside and outside of the hive. The more than 300 different ingredients prevent the formation of bacteria, viruses and fungi in the beehive. It is also used to seal holes and cracks outside the hive. In this way, it acts as a natural protective shield for the hive.

propolis bees

Propolis is so important to bees because propolis is essential for survival in the hive. The bees cover their comb eyes with propolis before depositing their larvae and food in the comb eyes. Since propolis has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects in the hive, the larvae and food remain unharmed for a long time.

Propolis , which has a fairly mixed chemical structure, has a wide range of uses and effects. Previous companies had already found out different areas of application with their possibilities at that time and found positive effects.

In ancient times, propolis was used to treat skin and stomach diseases or as a sedative. In ancient Egypt, one of the societies that first used propolis, propolis was used in mummification processes.

propolis products

The Roman Empire, which had powerful armies, covered the wounds of its soldiers injured in war with creams containing propolis . They also provided their soldiers with a propolis tonic to boost fighting spirit.

After the ancient Greeks discovered the effects of propolis, they named it propolis. Propolis is made up of Pro (front) and Polis (city) and means something like defender of the city. How are propolis products used today?

Propolis products: application and dosage

The earlier uses of propolis are the foundation for scientific research conducted today. Increasing scientific research has led to the identification of new areas of action of propolis and to the diversification of propolis products.

Today we can find propolis products in pharmacies, supermarkets and many online stores. The number of people who know and regularly use propolis is increasing every day.

We have prepared this post especially for you to show the correct use and dosage of propolis. So how should propolis be used? How high should the propolis dosage be?

Propolis has different uses

  • Propolis mixed with royal jelly and raw honey
  • as an extract (liquid propolis drops)
  • in the form of a throat spray
  • in tablet form

raw propolis

While there are many uses, you should not consume propolis in its raw state. Beeswax (approx. 30%) is contained in propolis. And beeswax is a product that cannot be digested by human metabolism. If you consume raw propolis, it will be eliminated from the body without any positive effect.

In order for propolis to be suitable for human consumption, it must be properly extracted. This process is called extraction. Properly extracted propolis contains all the maximum beneficial components (phenolic and flavonoid components).

uandu propolis

Propolis products that you can find on contain the right extracted and beneficial ingredients at most. Detailed information on propolis products such as propolis drops, propolis tablets, propolis and royal jelly and raw honey mixtures, propolis throat and nose spray, propolis syrup and propolis lip balm are available on our site. However, before you buy bee products, it is helpful to learn more about propolis application and propolis dosage.

The application and daily dosage of propolis products differ from product to product. It is recommended to adhere to the daily dosage amounts indicated on the product to be used.

Our Propolis products, made with Bee & You safety, are consumed by hundreds of thousands of families in 15 different countries around the world. Our products are made with the "Beekeeping Contract Model" under the motto "From the hive to the dining table". Each stage of production is checked by experienced food engineers. Only the products with the highest nutritional values ​​are provided for you. The food safety and quality of our products have been confirmed by internationally recognized institutions.

Propolis tincture: dosage and application

propolis tincture

Drops obtained from propolis extract are the most popular and practical propolis products. Propolis drops are suitable for everyday use and can be consumed with solid and liquid foods.

Bee&You Propolis Drops are rich in phenolic and flavonoid components. The standardized production of each product ensures that you buy products with the maximum biological activity.

Our propolis drop products are divided into 2 types depending on the propolis content. The Propolis tincture without alcohol and propolis extract tincture 20% . Both products can be included in the daily diet. Depending on your wishes, you can add it to solid and liquid foods or consume it with honey.

You can use propolis drops internally and externally for your skin, and include them in your daily oral and hair care.

Propolis Extract Tincture Water Soluble 10% Application and Dosage

propolis tincture application

The propolis tincture contains 10% propolis extract. Thanks to standardized production, it contains the maximum amount of phenolic and flavonoid components. It is convenient to use as it completely dissolves in liquid foods and has a wide range of uses. The application of the water-soluble propolis drops 10% is very simple.

The tincture can be consumed with both solid and liquid foods. You can drip it in the water, milk, juice, yogurt or put it on a slice of bread to consume.

You can also use our propolis extract tincture water-soluble 10% in your body care. For example, you can put it in your toothpaste to support your oral and dental health. Also you can drop it in your shampoo to protect your hair health.

propolis cream

You can also use it in your daily skin care regimen and thus contribute to your skin health. You can find more information about our propolis extract tincture water-soluble 10% on our product page.

The dosage for daily use is different for adults and children.

Propolis for children between 4-10 years you can give 10 drops daily. From the age of 11 and as an adult you can consume 20 drops daily.

Before using for the first time, carefully read the instructions on the packaging.

Propolis Extract Tincture 20%

propolis extract tincture

Our 20% propolis extract tincture is suitable for daily consumption. Thanks to the standardized production, the tincture contains all the useful components of propolis.

It is a more intense product than the water-soluble propolis drops. The 20% tincture can only be consumed with solid foods.

They can add it to their yogurt or cereal to consume. You can also put it on a slice of bread with honey, if you like.

The dosage of the 20% propolis extract tincture is different for children and adults. For children aged 4-10 years it is 10 drops per day. For children over 11 years old and adults, the daily dose is 20 drops per day.

Propolis spray products: dosage and application

Nose and throat spray derived from propolis extract is for local use.

With its 100% natural formula, it is not only with you during the cold winter months, but also during the change of seasons.

Propolis nasal spray %5: application and dosage

The Bee&You Propolis Nasal Spray contains 5% propolis. The 100% formulation with no additives contains only propolis and deionized water.

Thoroughly clean your nose before using the propolis nasal spray. Shake the bottle and spray into both nostrils anyway. Read the product usage recommendations on the packaging.

The dosage of the propolis nasal spray is different for children and adults. Children 4-10 years 2 times a day (1 time per nostril)

For children from the age of 11 and adults, the application is recommended 3 times a day.

Propolis throat spray: application and dosage

propolis throat spray

The throat spray is made with raw honey, propolis and menthol. It contains 5% propolis.

It is easy to use and a natural product that you can use in your daily oral care routine to naturally support your throat.

The dosage of the propolis throat spray is different for children and adults.

For children between 4 and 10 years, spray 1 spray into the throat 3 times a day.

For children from the age of 11 and adults, 2 spray units 3 times a day are recommended.

Propolis tablets: application and dosage

propolis tablets

Our propolis tablet products are formulated differently for children and adults. Our additive-free tablets contain only royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen and carob.

The chewable tablet specially prepared for children is enriched with cocoa.

propolis tablets

It is recommended to take the propolis tablets before breakfast. The daily dosage is 2 tablets per day for children and 2 tablets per day for adults. The daily dosage amount on the product should not be exceeded.

Propolis honey syrup: application and dosage

propolis honey syrup

The propolis honey syrup contains raw honey, orange juice and propolis. It is a delicious and nutritious product made especially for children. It contains propolis (5%), orange juice (60%) and raw honey (35%).

 Honey syrup with propolis dosage

  • Children 4-10 years old: 5 ml twice a day
  • The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Royal Jelly & Propolis and Raw Honey Blends

propolis royal jelly

Royal jelly, propolis in raw honey , suitable for daily consumption, is delicious, nutritious and 100% without additives and a healthy snack. It is the combination of three nutritious bee products.

It contains no added sugar, additives and preservatives. You can consume it with your family at breakfast. You can consume it pure by spreading it on a slice of bread or by mixing it in a glass of milk. It is also specially designed for children.


  • Children 1-2 years: 1 teaspoon
  • Children over 2 years: 2 teaspoons
  • Children over 13 years - adults: 2 dessert spoons

Propolis Lip Balm

The Propolis lip balm , which is made from propolis, honey and various herbal extracts, is suitable for everyday use.

With its plant extracts, it nourishes your lips. And the propolis and honey protect her lips. You can apply it as needed.