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The ConCordix® technology

The ConCordix® technology

It seems very true that Norway, the country that introduced cod liver oil to the world, is developing the leading distribution system for fish oil (omega-3) supplements.

The ConCordix gel form is the result of 10 years of research by Norwegian scientists, who have thus reinvented supplements. With unique technology designed to mirror how we eat: chew, swallow and digest, leading nutritionists have broken down the barriers of nutritional supplements.

What if I designed a chewable nutritional supplement system that mirrored how we eat. My life purpose and my personal interest in polymer biochemistry led me to develop the ConCordix technology.

Breaks down the barriers of dietary supplements.

It's easier to swallow

Many users find supplements difficult to swallow. For some it is impossible.

Improved absorption

With current omega-3 supplements, the entire contents of the drop enter the intestines without any pre-processing of the digestive system, which begins with chewing. Chewing stimulates the digestive enzymes.

Assured stability

Many delivery forms include fillers, preservatives and materials needed to fill the pills/capsules and to keep the active ingredients fresh and stable over time.

Normally we absorb nutrients by eating food and this starts with chewing. Chewing helps to facilitate absorption and promote digestion.

Chewing activates the functions of your stomach and intestines and helps you add nutrients to the body.

Food like salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. As in salmon, the fatty acids are homogeneously distributed as small drops of oil.

ConCordix gel forms mirror the structure of the food.

Packed for a purpose

The gel forms are hygienically packaged to protect the nutrients and flavor from the harmful effects of oxygen, light and moisture, and to keep them stable and fresh throughout their shelf life.

Professor Kurt I.Draget

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Biopolymer Institute