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Essential package

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The essential package is a MUST in every home. All 4 products are suitable for everyday use.
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The package for internal and local antioxidant needs.

What is Propolis Tincture Water Soluble 10% and Propolis Tincture 20%?

Raw propolis is a natural bee product composed of phenolic and flavonoid substances collected by bees from the leaves, stems and buds of plants. The meaning of the word is pure propolis, consisting of the words pro (before) + polis (protector), as the name suggests, the pre-cleaner and responsible for protecting the habitat of bees. Bees cover their honeycomb eyes with raw propolis and then add their honey, hatchlings and food. Thus, the products produced by the bees are stored in the hive without spoilage. After being taken from the hive, it needs to be adapted and processed for human consumption so that the body can digest this product. At this point, the most important issue is the proper processing of raw Anatolian propolis, which is a valuable food. The quality and nutritional value can only be preserved through correct extraction methods.

The polyphenols, terpenoids, amino acids, volatile organic acids, ketones, coumarins, quinones, vitamins and minerals contained in the raw Anatolian propolis are preserved in a water-soluble form thanks to the award-winning processing method of the BEE&YOU experts.

What is Propolis Throat Spray with Menthol and Honey?

The Propolis Throat Spray and Throat Spray is a 100% natural and pure product with raw honey and menthol. The propolis spray contains no alcohol and is therefore also ideal for children.

What is propolis spray?

The propolis spray with natural ingredients is not addictive and is suitable for regular use. It supports the nasal mucous membranes in maintaining their natural moisture balance.

  • Propolis Extract Tincture Water Soluble 10% can be taken on its own or with liquid foods such as water, milk or fruit juices.
  • Propolis extract tincture %20 can be taken pure or with solid foods such as yoghurt, muesli or honey.
  • Propolis Throat Spray with Honey & Menthol and Propolis Spray is sprayed locally into the mouth and nasal mucosa

Dosage of Essential Package?

Propolis extract tincture 10%

Children between 4-10 years: 10 to 40 drops per day.

Children aged 11 and over and adults: 20 to 80 drops per day.

Propolis extract tincture %20

Children between 4-10 years: 10 to 40 drops per day.

Children aged 11 and over and adults: 20 to 80 drops per day

Propolis throat spray with honey 6%

Children between 4-10 years: 1 spray unit in the mouth/throat 3 times/day

Children aged 11 and over and adults: 2 spray units in the mouth/throat 3 times/day

Propolis Nasal Spray 5%

Children between 4-10 years: 2 spray units 2 times/day (1 unit per nostril)

Children aged 11 and over and adults: 2 spray units 3 times/day (1 unit per nostril)

Inhalt & Hinweise

Propolis Extract Tincture Water Soluble 10% (30ml)

The alcohol-free propolis tincture 10% was produced through the award-winning innovation process of Bee&You's expert teams. Propolis contains valuable components such as phenol and flavonoid.

Propolis extract tincture 20% (30ml)

Propolis extract, is a form of propolis tincture, the content of which contains 20% propolis.

Propolis throat spray (30ml)

It is a 100% natural formula that contains raw honey, propolis (6%) and menthol.

Propolis Spray (30ml)

It contains only propolis (5%) and deionized water.

Note for allergy sufferers:

Please carry out an allergy test when using bee products for the first time. Drizzle a few drops of the bee products on the inner part of your wrist and leave it on for 15 minutes. If there are no reactions such as itching, redness or swelling, your immune system does not appear to be in danger. If you are unsure, it is always advisable to consult a doctor or an expert alternative practitioner first.


Do not exceed the recommended daily serving.

Dietary supplements do not replace normal nutrition. Keep out of reach of children.

It cannot be used to prevent or treat any disease.

Consult your doctor in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or illness.

It is not recommended to give honey and honey-containing products to children under 1 year of age.

Warum uandu

What makes BEE&YOU Propolis different from other products?

  • Germany's No. 1 propolis drops: According to comparison results
  • BEE&YOU propolis tincture has more biological activity than its comparable
  • It is produced under controlled conditions by experts using a contractual beekeeping model.
  • Thanks to the innovative award-winning extraction, the useful components of propolis are produced with maximum preservation.
  • Has international certificates proving food safety and quality: GMP, BRC, IFS, ISO9000, ISO22000, Halal, Kosher
  • 33 national and international awards
  • Those who test it are very satisfied: 4.88 / 5.00 customer satisfaction in Trusted Shops
  • It is safely consumed by thousands of families in more than 13 countries.
  • Check out our site to discover all our propolis products.

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120.0 ml ( 54,13 €* / 100 ml)
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