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Why You Should Incorporate Propolis Into Your Skincare?

Why You Should Incorporate Propolis Into Your Skincare?

A natural skincare wonder, antibacterial and protection against infection. We're talking about propolis. Everyone is talking about it, but can it also be used in many ways? We will report with you about our research on propolis used in skin care .


  • Why is propolis so popular in skin care?
  • Propolis drops against pimples and acne
  • Propolis against warts
  • Propolis against herpes
  • The effect of propolis on oral and genital herpes


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Propolis drops against pimples and acne

With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, propolis helps against the formation of pimples and acne. It has healing properties. It makes the skin firm and flawless and it is also a new secret weapon against wrinkles and pimples. [blog link number="1"]

Thanks to its antibacterial effect, propolis can make smaller blemishes disappear and prevent new blemishes. It also promotes wound healing, making propolis a real helper in the prevention of acne scars. [blog link number="2"]

A good quality product for fighting acne and pimples is the BEE&YOU Propolis Extract Tincture Water Soluble %10 - 30 ml.

Application is easy with daily application and dripping 1-2 drops onto the affected area with blemishes. Continue using the product until the problem disappears. Propolis can also be dribbled into the day cream and used.

The anti-inflammatory property makes propolis a miracle cure for pimples and acne. It not only helps with existing acne and pimples, but also effectively prevents them. [blog link number="3"]

Propolis against warts

Warts are a viral infection and occur when the immune system is weak. Warts are very common and can affect anyone. There are different types of warts, but all are caused by viral infections.

The use of propolis drops against warts can be done by dripping a few drops of propolis onto the affected area. Propolis is also effective against genital warts. The affected area is then covered with a cotton pad. It can be applied up to 2 times a day until fully healed.

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Propolis against herpes

There are two different types of herpes viruses, herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1) and herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV2). Infections with the herpes simplex virus are very common worldwide and often occur as acute or recurrent herpes infections. In particular, HSV1 causes herpes labialis (cold sores, which can appear on the mouth, face, ears or eyes. [blog-link number="4"]

Infection with HSV2 typically leads to genital herpes (genital herpes), which is a herpes disease of the genital tract. Both types of virus can cause both symptoms. If the immune system is weakened, for example by a cold or another infection, by strong sunlight or hormonal fluctuations, the viruses can reach the surface of the skin from the nerve cells and cause the typical blisters there.

With its antiviral properties, propolis is effective against herpes in the mouth and genital region. It accelerates the healing of herpes and reduces the symptoms.

The effect of propolis on oral and genital herpes

A study states that when propolis is applied to the herpes region 3 times a day, faster healing occurs in contrast to those who do not take any medicines. It has been proven that propolis reduces the herpes virus in the human body and prevents new herpes from developing. [blog link number="5"]

1) Revitalize the skin by removing dead skin cells

Propolis cleanses the skin of dead skin cells that lead to acne and pimples and revitalizes it. Acne is usually caused by dead skin cells that have not been removed and thus clog the pores. The natural balance of the skin is disturbed and the skin is prone to acne and pimples. Propolis is a good post-peeling product.

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2) Helps against the negative effects of free radicals

Propolis plays a major role in fighting free radicals. It protects the skin from everyday damage caused by environmental influences such as air pollution, sun exposure and other radiation. The free radicals damage our skin and symptoms such as skin color changes such as spots and blemishes and skin weakening such as wrinkles and premature aging can occur. Propolis is rich in antioxidants and helps your skin stay young and fresh. I [blog link number="6"]

3) Propolis for minor skin injuries, burns and cuts

Propolis has been used for skin injuries, burns and cuts for thousands of years. The positive effect of propolis against free radicals also helps in the treatment of burns and wound healing. It accelerates the healing process and helps to maintain healthy skin. Cell growth ability accelerates wound healing.

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